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The Electrify EVSE Team

Andy Parsons

Chief Executive Officer
A military veteran, Andy brings more than 25 years of talent as an international management professional and senior business executive to Electrify EVSE. He’s managed successful business startups and company turnarounds, both as a highly regarded management consultant and member of executive management teams in a variety of roles. As an MBA with P&L and management optimization, both in Europe and the U.S., Andy has had a rewarding career in business growth management. He is a recognized strategic planner with extraordinary operational and project management expertise. He has a proven history as a General Manager and has a wealth of market and product development experience.

Accomplished in organic business growth as well as mergers and acquisitions, Andy is a consistent over-quota performer. He has a keen ability to analyze an organization's critical business requirements and identify deficiencies and potential opportunities. He is adept at developing innovative and cost-effective solutions for enhancing competitiveness, increasing revenues, and improving customer service offerings.

As a pragmatic and hands-on leader, Andy builds results-orientated teams that enjoy exceeding expectations. As a strategic catalyst, he defines and implements value-added initiatives. As a new business architect, he creates brand equity, and incremental and increased earnings. Overall, Andy is a senior business executive with exceptional ability to define strategic initiatives, translate them into effective plans, and direct implementation.

Andy enjoys the daily changes and challenges of the competitive electric vehicle supply market. His vision is to see Electrify EVSE become the No. 1 service provider in the EV charging industry globally.

Andy completed his Graduate Degree in Business Studies in 1978 and his MBA in 1994. In 2010 he attained a post-graduate degree in project management.

Andrew Richard

Chief Revenue Officer/Co-Founder
Andrew Richard dove into the electric vehicle charging industry in 2014. When he moved to Georgia from Northwest Ohio, he noticed the majority of his new neighbors drove electric cars. Intrigued, Andrew engaged in conversations with future partners that quickly became strategy sessions for creating an electric vehicle charging company.

As a founding member of Electrify EVSE, Andrew creates and implements business strategies for providing excellence in the installation, service, and repair of charging equipment. He travels throughout the U.S. building successful relationships with businesses including equipment manufacturers, dealers, commercial property owners, and companies with electric vehicle fleets. He has serviced equipment by leading manufacturers nationwide.

Andrew wants to leave the Earth a little cleaner than he found it. He grew up on the Great Lakes but was not able to enjoy them due to pollution and hazards caused by big corporations. Growing up in an environmentally conscientious family taught him to pay attention to what he can do to help others take care of the planet for future generations. He is set on being a driver of change.

Andrew is passionate about exploring emerging green technologies. He calls himself a reduce, reuse, and recycle kind of guy. He serves as president of the Going Green Committee of the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce through which he helps companies implement green strategies. He is a member of The Fuels Institute EV Council and sits on the Keep Cherokee Beautiful Board of Directors.

Joe Kotz

Chief Financial Officer / Co-founder
With a strong background in management and service combined with his passion for a clean environment, Joe co-founded Electrify EVSE and created its service division. He worked hands-on to form and implement strategies and connect with installers to ensure a proper understanding of customer service expectations. He created an annual preventative maintenance program to continually care for the company’s customer base.

Joe has built the service aspects of the company based on integrity, honesty, and trust. He worked alongside Electrify EVSE co-founders to set competitive pricing in a robust and thriving market. With technology always changing and improving, the EV industry is growing stronger and broadening its clientele by manufacturing more affordable models and universal chargers.

Joe is a good steward of the environment and wants to do right by the Earth. He studied horticulture in college, participates in litter cleanup for Keep Cherokee Beautiful in Cherokee County, and he has driven electric cars since 2015. His Tesla takes him wherever he needs to be or wants to go. He and his wife, Tiana, take their two sons on road trips and enjoy the convenience of taking a rest along the way for a brief recharge.

Jamie Bruce

Chief Technology Officer
Jamie is a founding member of Electrify EVSE who helped develop the organization to become the industry leader it is today. Jamie brings a strong background in Information Technology to Electrify EVSE. His knowledge of the software industry and expertise in network engineering serves the company well in the areas of service and installation. Jamie oversees operations, and he literally is on-site during service calls with technicians all over the U.S. to diagnose issues and find solutions to problems with customers’ EV charging equipment.

Jamie has always been a huge fan of cars. He has fond memories of working alongside his grandfather rebuilding wrecked vehicles. After high school, Jamie worked in automotive sales before shifting his career focus to IT.

A long commute to work led Jamie to purchase his first electric vehicle. The technology side of the industry fascinates him, and he enjoys the challenge of new innovations and how to implement them to coexist with current regulations. He is excited about the technological evolution of the electric vehicle industry and bringing solutions to customers who need charger installation, service, and repair.

Tim Kotz

Director of Installations
When new or existing customers request an EV charger installation, Tim is the one who sees it through from start to finish. He conducts a site survey, estimates costs, and coordinates with electricians to schedule a timely install for the customer.

Being on the cutting edge of EV technology is exciting for Tim. He joined the Electrify EVSE team in 2020 and is responsible for building the large network of electricians with whom the company contracts throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Tim enjoyed a long career with a painting company, which is where his knowledge of the trades grew. He worked alongside electricians and quickly came to know their needs and expectations. He puts that knowledge to use in the EV charging industry to create a smooth experience for all involved.

At the end of the day, Tim wants to help people. He is most passionate about customer service, and he counts creating satisfied customers among his biggest accomplishments.

Steve Daviau

Director of Service
Service with a personal touch is Steve’s mission for every customer that calls on Electrify EVSE needing maintenance or repair of their EV charger.

Steve spent 35 years managing in the restaurant industry, so he is highly skilled at handling problems and offering immediate solutions. Steve gladly accepted the owners’ invitation to join Electrify EVSE after watching them build a successful company from the ground up. They knew Steve’s commitment to customer service and his ability to solve problems quickly would be an asset to their team.

For Steve, it’s all about helping people. He assists customers in the U.S. and Canada with charger purchases, deliveries, and service scheduling. Once chargers are installed, customers are placed on a yearly maintenance plan for continued service, including any issues with apps and software.

No matter the industry, it’s the people that matter most, and Steve is dedicated to creating the utmost positive experience for customers and service techs. Whatever the need, Steve will make sure they are taken care of as quickly as possible.

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Electrify EVSE

Often Emulated - Never Equalled!

Keep in Touch

Electrify EVSE
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